72% of users bought a product discovered on Instagram. Add to that the billion active users of Instagram (more than double the number of active users on Twitter) and 75% of its users ready to switch to action.

With all of these opportunities to connect with potential customers, win new subscribers, build strong brand authority and reputation, promote your products and services and track customer satisfaction in real time, things continue to improve when Instagram promotions are added to the list.

There is however a challenge: getting the approval of your Instagram promotion.

And you want to believe us when we say that it's a challenge, because, on the one hand, Instagram has not yet solved the problem, thus leaving room for speculative information that, honestly , can be deceptive and frustrating.

So we thought you'd be interested to know what a promotion on Instagram means, how much it costs to run, how to pay for a promotion, how long it takes for your ads to be approved, why your ads are disapproved and next steps to follow when your ads are not approved.

Why your Instagram promotion has not been approved

3 cosas que hacer si su promocion o anuncio deA number of reasons may have resulted in the rejection of your Instagram promotion. Tobacco, drugs, drug-related products, unsafe supplements, weapons, ammunition and explosives are some of the products listed on Facebook under the banned content section of the Advertising Rules page.

But why Facebook when we talk about advertising on Instagram? Well, Instagram is now owned by Facebook. This means that you can cross-promote from both platforms and that you must adhere to a set of ad guidelines to successfully serve ads.

If your ad has been disapproved without reason or for all the reasons of the world, you can spend time on the page of the conditions of use of Instagram. The reason for the disapproval can reach you.

It should be mentioned that Google, Twitter and even Reddit all offer paid ads and their ads are approved. They also disapprove advertisements. So it is safe to say that Instagram does not act in isolation.

3 ways to get your Instagram promotion approved

1562167812 295 3 cosas que hacer si su promocion o anuncio deYour ad has not been approved? Here are 3 ways to get your Instagram promotion approved:

  • File a call.
  • Correct and resubmit your ad.
  • Clear the ad and create a new one.
  • Below you will find details on the operation of each of these methods with usable points.

    Drop a call for an Instagram ad rejected

    By submitting a call, you are essentially telling Facebook that you think that its automated ad review process has misjudged you and that you want your ad to be manually revised. Just make sure that you have not violated any Facebook advertising policy because there is no second chance to call.

    If your call is approved, your ads will appear immediately and you will be billed accordingly. If not, you want to try the other two options listed in this section.

    To appeal your rejected Instagram ads:

    • Follow this link to fill in the form "Calling a rejected ad". You will be asked a few questions about your ad. Reply and submit. In addition, since your submission will be processed manually, the waiting time will vary from several hours to one day, depending on the nature of the suspected problem and the number of investigations required.

    Fixed and new submission of rejected Instagram ads

    Your decision to correct and resubmit your rejected ads shows your complete understanding of the Instagram rules and community standard, as well as your commitment to the content of your ads. Fortunately, this option allows several resubmissions, which leaves room for serious tests.

    When trying to fix your rejected ads, you definitely want to test one variable at a time.

    • Replace the landing page URL with another, preferably your home page. This is not recommended, but it is a step in determining problems with your landing page. Assuming all other elements of your ad are retained and accepted, you know that your landing page is defective and you can act accordingly.
    • Make incremental changes to your ad text, or edit it all at the same time, and see if the text is a problem. If the landing page and the image are the same and that by modifying the text that your ad has been approved, you know that one item in this text has caused a rejection. This also applies to changing the image without changing the text.
    • Check your targeting options and make sure you do not target an audience that's reported in Instagram advertising rules and Facebook advertising rules.
    • Also check your payment options and make sure all the information is correct.

    Creating and submitting new Instagram ads

    With more than three manual advertising refusals, you will want to review your approach.

    • Review (this time more closely) Facebook's advertising guidelines and the rules and standards of the Instagram community.
    • Submit new content and a landing page.
    • Change the URL of your existing landing page.
    • Ensure full compliance with the ad guidelines.
    • Submit your ad and wait for approval.

    Bonus nuggets

    • Verify that your ad conforms to the Music Guidelines, Platform Strategy, Community Payment Terms, and Community Guidelines of Instagram. (If you do not have the time to check these links individually, Instagram has summarized this information in their terms of use – go ahead and check them.)
    • Once you're sure your ads meet Instagram ad guidelines, submit them for approval and do not forget to track the performance of your ads with built-in analytics and analytics. Instagram once your ad is approved.

    Frequently Asked Questions about Instagram Promotions

    1562167813 190 3 cosas que hacer si su promocion o anuncio deWhat does a promotion on Instagram mean?

    The promotion on Instagram is a partnership between Instagram and you, the advertiser (Instagram user having changed Instagram account) and pay Instagram to allow you to turn your photos, videos, carousel, stories or collections into ads . The platform will then display the ads at strategic locations within the app for increased reach, visibility, and engagement.

    With this partnership, and depending on the goals you set, you can expect to drive targeted traffic, expand your customer base, increase the number of app or video applications, generate leads, or promote your brand when selling your products and / or services. The effectiveness of your ads also depends on your promotional budget, types of ad (photo, video, collection, tales or carousel) and the length of time you have chosen to manage the promotion.

    Tip: There are 10 Instagram advertising goals as defined by Facebook.

    How much does the promotion cost on Instagram?

    According to ThriveHive, the average CPM (cost per thousand impressions) of a GI promotion is USD 6.70. They predicted that the cost would probably decrease as more and more companies would use the platform … and it would seem that their prediction was that of February 2017.

    Since October 2018, Wordstream and Influencer Marketing Hub confirm that you could pay just over 5 CPMs on Instagram for very targeted ads. He added that you can expect to pay between $ 0.2 and $ 2 per click.

    How can I pay for Instagram app promotions?

    Simply link your Instagram account to your Facebook advertising account. From your Facebook account, you can use the payment method of this account to pay for your Instagram promotions. If, however, you do not have a Facebook advertising account, you will need to create one and then create a promotion. You must add a payment method (credit and debit cards, PayPal, Facebook gift cards, Boleto, etc.) for your promotion to be approved.

    How long does it take for Instagram to approve a promotion?

    Updates related to the approval of your Instagram promotion usually arrive in a few hours or a whole day. But it can also take a little longer.

    Why opt for Instagram ads?

    As you know, Instagram is one of the largest social networks today thanks to its 1 billion and more active users (38% of whom visit Instagram several times a day and enjoy up to 4.2 billion publications ). In addition, 80% of users have at least one business account, an interaction rate up 2.2% from 0.2% for Facebook. Among others, these are indicators that show why brands are putting a lot of effort into spreading Instagram ads.


    Regardless of your niche or industry, Instagram offers your brand, business, or agency a highly engaged audience. Instagram promotions can also help you target your age, gender, and place of residence. reach customers or customers who may be interested in your products and / or services; and reach your business goals.

    However, when your ad is declined, you can appeal, repair, and resubmit your ad, or delete it, and create a new one. I hope that any of these techniques will help you get your rejected or future ads approved. Cheers!


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