The only way to get readers to your blog is to spread the word. What's powerful with social media is that it's a platform that lets you do just that. If you know how to use social media the right way, you have the potential to reach hundreds or even thousands of people every day.

When you reach these people, you want to know how to convince them to view your profile page and click on the link you provided to your blog. There is a lot of noise on Instagram, but you can reach people, like everyone else.

How to promote your blog via instagram

4 ways to get readers to your blog via Instagram

1. Promote your blog on your profile

Your profile is where people will follow you. If someone clicks on your profile picture after finding your post in a hashtag, you want to make a good impression. A first way to make a good impression is to establish yourself as an expert or as a person who can add value.

You do this by mentioning who you are in your bio. We will not talk about how to write an Instagram bio, but we will say this. The first thing you want to write is that you are a (virgin) blogger. For example, you can say something like, "A lifestyle blogger – write about my life and make it look more exciting than it actually is."

2. Share your blog posts

The first step you should take after downloading a blog post is to share it. You will not be surprised to see how many people do not take this step for reasons such as, they care about what others think of them or whether they fear that no one will click and read. However, how do you hope to get readers if you do not promote your own articles?

With multiple options for sharing what's happening in your life on Instagram, there are also many ways to share articles in your blog.


Start by sharing it as an image on the usual timeline. You can create a publication on Canva with a quote from your article or take a snapshot of the article and share it.

In your caption, specify that the quote comes from your new blog post. Take a moment to explain the subject of the article. You are a writer. So you know what words to use to intrigue your subscribers and bring them to your article. Finally, call them to action by saying, for example, "To read the article, click on the link in my bio!" Or simply in "Link in bio".


You can post the same photo you used for the post on your Instagram story, but it's better if you do something different. One thing you can do is take a screenshot of your profile page, scribble the new article and arouse curiosity by saying, "A new article on a blog … I wonder what it's like?" ; is?

You can also register to talk about it. Summarize the article, tell people how they can read it and spark their enthusiasm. Also find a way to get them to engage. You can use a sticker saying "Do you want to read it?" You can also search for a GIF file under the keyword "excited". Use all the tools at your disposal for the best results.

3. Share behind the scenes of everything related to the blog

1562772608 758 4 ways to get readers to your blog via InstagramWe have talked many times about the importance of backstage sharing, but this time it is specific about this. If you share behind the scenes, then you have the opportunity to create hype and intrigue. You take this opportunity to pre-promote your article, and once the article is published, people will be ready, and read it once, it will be published.

There are many ways to do this and feel free to let your creativity spark new ideas.

You can ask someone to take your picture while you write the blog article. In the legend, you can write about how you were inspired. You are now writing a new blog post that will be published tomorrow.

You can also take a screenshot and give an overview of your blog. It can be an inspiring or amusing quote, or even the beginning of a story they will not read elsewhere. Previews are powerful because they do not give people the choice to read your article once published to find out what will happen next or to see what other value you bring.

Finally (well, not at last, but you know what I mean), you can take a picture of what inspired you. If you happen to watch the sunset and it's the roses and oranges that inspired you to write an article about life, take a picture and thank him in your legend. If you were drinking coffee from your Supergirl mug that led to the article on your latest theory of the show, save a story and say, "This mug just gave me an idea for the next article." People will love it.

4. Post ads

Although the above examples can promote your blog for free via Instagram, you do not want to exclude paid ads. If used correctly, you can reach thousands of people and gain new readers. If running ads to promote your blog will not pay you anything, it's an investment you need to be ready to make. This is the type of ad that is suitable for the long term.

You can show ads on your blog posts or free magnets you've created. There are different types of ways to promote your blog as an advertisement. You can promote an image, a video, a carousel or a story. You have to create something that will make people stop on their tracks.

You can do this by adding text that appears, adding subtitles to your video or making it colorful. It's good to know your ideal audience in order to target the right people. It may take some experiments to get your ads correct, but as we said, it's a worthwhile investment.


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