If you run a brand or perhaps your own business on Instagram, you know how difficult it can be to create your own Instagram captions every day. Depending on the tone of your company's voice or story that your message should tell, captions can be fun, inspiring, more serious in nature, or may not contain many copies. Yet, too often, we see brands upload a beautiful photo on Instagram, but the copy is less than brilliant.

In reality, your Instagram legends should be taken into account and developed with a strategy identical to that of your images. In addition to scrolling images, subtitles should engage your audience and encourage them to do more – for example, comment, click on a marked account, buy, share or learn more about your brand.

So, how can you write the most perfect Instagram legend for your accounts? That's precisely why we've assembled our expert tips to help you create the best Instagram account for your audience.

Here are our 6 tips for writing the perfect Instagram legend

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1. Write for commitment when you publish your impressive images

The Instagram algorithm favors brands and publications that receive a commitment in the first minutes after they are uploaded. A publication that generates only crickets will be reduced in the Instagram feed chain, while posts that receive comments and that you like shortly after they are posted will tell Instagram that it is about A high quality content – and that it will find itself better placed in your user stream. .

This means that you should be aware of writing Instagram subtitles with clear and effective calls for action, encouraging your subscribers to like or comment on your posts. Be careful not to openly ask for likes and comments, but rather to engage your audience in meaningful ways.

2. Use a consistent voice in all posts and accounts

When creating the following, your audience will learn to expect a consistent brand voice. This means that your messages must all have the same tone, and certainly the same sense of humor, inspiration or a serious legend.

If you are a retail brand, for example, you can incorporate humor into the messages from time to time. If you are a charity or nonprofit organization, the inspiration could be at the heart of what you share with your audience. Consistency across sectors and accounts is key to your success.

The voice of your brand must also be consistent across all accounts of other networks, such as Twitter and Facebook.

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3. Do not be afraid of emojis!

Emojis can draw attention to your CTA (and help tip # 1 – commitment), so do not be afraid to use them in your captions.

You can insert emoticons at the end of your caption to express emotions about the photo you posted. You can even use emoticons in the middle of a sentence to replace a word.

An example could be:

On Monday ? Are we right ?!

(Like a short legend, for example).

Or, you can extend a legend beyond a few words to:

We are very happy to share this latest top available on our online store now! ??? Is your wardrobe ready for the weekend? ??

4. Use the handles strategically in your captions

Using handles in your captions, or even in your comments, does two things: first, it encourages your audience to click on the other handles, keeping them associated with your account, and two, it can help your brand promote another account, either. it's an individual or a brand.

The involvement of other audiences will help you build your brand through the integration on Instagram. Mentioning and including handles in your legends will alert the account mentioned, which could be a strategic move to expand your audience. Use the handles sparingly and strategically.

5. Hashtags are your best friend.

Hashtags are essential for Instagram legends. The use of hashtags can help you gain more Instagram followers, search for content related to your subscribers and even contextualize your content.

If you are a restaurant in New York, for example, you can use hashtags such as #eatinginNYC, #dineoutNYC or #NewYorkDining.

You can include hashtags at the end of your caption or embed it in the publication itself.

For example:

What an amazing menu we have tonight! #eatinginNYC has become? Wednesday night. Click on the link in our bio to reserve your table.

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6. Yet, be strategic with these hashtags …

Including hashtags can be done strategically, as in our post above. You can also post up to 30 hashtags as "first message" (which is a comment) immediately after posting.

Here's how:

  • Immediately after posting your photo, add a comment as if you were participating in a regular post.
  • Add your hashtags (up to 30 hashtags per post)
  • Your comment will appear in the thread with (…) and will not be visible to your audience.
  • This is an effective way to increase awareness of your publications and to engage a new audience.

    Writing the perfect Instagram publication can prove to be a unique challenge if you are trying to create and create the ideal legend yourself. Using the tips above, you can plan your Instagram calendar strategically and confidently, knowing that you have the experts at your side every step of the way.

    With these tips in mind, have you started planning your next Instagram legend? Mark this blog to keep the tips at your fingertips!


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