Social media is a powerful way to get more sales. There are still people who believe that social media is not worth investing time and money because they do not look professional. However, social media is changing the business world and it is a tool that can greatly change your business.

Although most social media platforms are excellent, we will talk about Instagram in particular and how you can use it to generate more sales, whether you sell products (tangible or not), books or online courses. Even as an indication, we will not cover the basics: use hashtags, do not make too much noise, and call for action.

How to use Instagram to increase sales

¿Quieres mas ventas Aqui te explicamos como usar Instagram para

1. Build the excitement

Before launching your product, book or online course, you want people to become aware of it by creating a craze. How are you doing that?

Talk about that. A lot. Create your regular postings and, after the caption of this post, add that your book is about to appear and watch. Create publications specifically to announce that your course will be launched in ten days; you can also do a countdown sequence with these. When you are Live, mention it before you disconnect and in your stories, use stickers to ask people if they are enthusiastic. Talk about IGTV.

Give also glimpses. Take photos from one corner, broadcast a free video or give away the first ten pages of your e-book for free. Build as much awareness as possible.

2. Promote

Once you have launched your product, you will continue to do what we mentioned above. You will talk about it in your story and your life, and create content around it. This time, however, you will reveal everything.

For example, suppose you have a new hat in your merchandise store. Previously, you had only announced the release of a hat, but this time you will take a full picture. Now you give all the details.

When you promote what you sell, you will talk about what your customers are getting, how they can get it, and where. Tell your subscribers to "slide up" or find the link in your bio. It is here that you speak shamelessly about your product.

3. Show ads

Instagram ads are worth every penny. You can easily show ads yourself, but you can also hire someone. When you contact them, you want to know exactly who you are targeting, this is the most important step. You have the opportunity to choose who you are targeting, their interests, etc., so you need to know who your ideal target client is.

You can show ads on a single photo, video, carousel or stories. In your ad, tell Internet users what they will receive if they buy, the benefits, the steps to take, and then launch the last call to action.

You may have to experiment at first, but it is worth it and time. Once you've determined your audience, let's re-target those same people after your first ads.

4. Connect with influencers

1564108230 333 ¿Quieres mas ventas Aqui te explicamos como usar Instagram paraWorking with an influencer is one of the smartest tactics on Instagram. Marketing influence is powerful because you have to tap into their vast audience and earn money. Find a person who shares your message and whose supporters are positive would be interested in what you offer.

You can not work with anyone, otherwise the impact will not be as important as you would expect. Of course, you have to pay an influencer. Depending on who you work with, the terms may be different. You can give them a percentage of what you earn, request a one-time payment, or give them a specific coupon code for their subscribers.

If an influencer recommends something and has a coupon code, its subscribers are likely to buy.

5. Be creative with your content

We mentioned that you want to create a craze for your product or promote it after its launch, you need to create content around it, that it's about photos, videos, videos, 39, stories or lives. However, what kind of content do you create?

Create unique content that stands out, content that prevents the scrolling of someone. You do not necessarily have to create content that no one else has created before, but to reinvent it. Use a text that appears and does not look corny. Make them laugh. Do not be stiff. Smile. Avoid the basic colors. Tell stories.

Do something that makes people forget that you are trying to sell them something.

6. Put people on your mailing list

Selling to your email list has great results. The people on your list are usually your biggest fans. They are the ones who open the emails, click on the links and buy.

Although this tactic does not encourage people to buy directly on Instagram, you can add them to your list via Instagram. If they are on your list, they are more likely to buy because, as I said, these subscribers really like you.

Put people on your email list via Instagram by offering a freebie; That's the best way. Create an excellent free product, inform your subscribers that your link is on your bio and that your work is finished.

7. Discounts on offers

1564108231 428 ¿Quieres mas ventas Aqui te explicamos como usar Instagram paraOffering discounts may not bring you as much money as you would like, but it will still bring you money. You can offer discounts for early risers, discounts specific to your Instagram followers or offer them when you run ads.

The sales discount is yours, but make something worthwhile. People love to buy things to sell. Your sales will therefore probably increase. You can also combine discounts to win more followers.

For example, you can offer 50% off your $ 1,000 course to five people who comment on your message and follow you. It would be like a gift, and you would pick the person using a random winner generator. If you want to know more about gifts, check out this post.

Here's how you get more sales on Instagram!


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