Since Instagram launched the company profiles in 2016, the main dilemma of brands using the social media platform was to choose to switch to a company profile or keep their personal account . And while free conversion makes an easy decision for many companies, with more than 25 million company profiles currently posted on Instagram, some brands are reluctant to do so because they fear it could affect their engagement.

If you belong to one of these brands, here's the good news: switching to a business account will have no negative effect on your profile. On the contrary, many benefits await you once you have made the change. To help you decide, we've summarized the top six benefits of moving from an Instagram personal account to a company profile:

Beneficios clave de mudarse a un perfil de negocios de

Monitor your performance with Instagram Insights

All business owners or marketers who have tried to extend their coverage on social media would like to know if their marketing efforts are effective or not, and one of the ways to find out is the analysis. When you switch to an Instagram company profile, you access Instagram Insights, their integrated analytics tool, which provides you with valuable information about your subscribers and the performance of your publications.

With Insights, you will be able to check your engagement rate and see how many mentions I like, comments, and exchanges have been made about your publications. You'll also learn more about your subscribers, including their gender, age, location, and the hours and days they're most active on Instagram. You can also view the analytics of your Instagram stories by accessing your profile, clicking on the menu icon located in the upper right corner and then pressing the graph icon.

Knowing these details will help you better understand your audience and measure the impact of your Instagram marketing strategies. This will also allow you to modify your strategies, such as content optimization, so that you can more effectively achieve your goals.

Schedule your Instagram posts

With Instagram having made major changes to its API, users can now schedule their posts on Instagram. Prior to this development, users wishing to schedule their Instagram updates were notified when they published, with their caption and photo. Now, enterprise profile users can schedule their publications. These would be automatically posted to Instagram without having to handle reminders or push notifications.

It's important to note, however, that Instagram professional profile users need to have their Instagram account connected to their Facebook page and use an Instagram-based planner like Later. Unlike Facebook, Instagram posts can not be natively programmed in the app.

Beneficios clave de mudarse a un perfil de negocios de

Share links on your Instagram stories

You can not only share your website and promotional links on your Instagram bio, but you can also add them to your Instagram stories. This is a great way to increase the number of visitors to your site and your readers' sales for your online store, especially if you have current promotions. If you're struggling to get more subscribers to your email to read your email newsletter and click on your links, you may find it easier to get them. Instagram user interactions through your stories. With nearly 400 million daily active users, the potential of Instagram Stories is rather promising.

There is just one warning. Only professional profiles with at least 10,000 subscribers can add links to their Instagram stories. If your fans do not make the cut, that's fine. You can always post on Instagram Stories and promote your link as text or add your link to your bio and invite your viewers to view your bio and click on the link from there. In the meantime, work on your user engagement and have them start following your brand.

Boost your posts and ads

Boosted posts and posting ads on Instagram are cost effective ways to increase your visibility on this channel, increase the engagement of targeted users, and build customer loyalty. These functions are only available for professional profiles. Advertising tools on Instagram not only allow you to set up and run campaigns, but also to track them.

With about 75% of Instagram users taking action after seeing Instagram commercials, such as clicking on the website link or making a purchase, there is no doubt that the allocation of money will be limited. a budget for Instagram ads is a good idea. If you're still hesitating to try this feature, imagine that most of your competitors are posting ads and gaining more followers. The only way to be competitive is to also broadcast ads.

Sell ​​on Instagram through Shoppable posts

Having a company profile also allows you to tag your products with Shoppable Posts and sell directly from your organic Instagram posts. Be sure to post eye-catching photos to get users' attention to your content. With the right images, the right legends and the relevant hashtags, you can increase your online sales simply by tagging your products on Instagram.

Marking your products on your post will allow Instagram users to see more information about them, such as the product name, price and link to your website, where they will be able to perform a purchase. You can mark up to five products per image and up to twenty products per carousel. In addition to appearing in your subscribers' feeds, Instagram users will also be able to browse the "Shop" feed of your Instagram profile.

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Improve your overall engagement on Instagram

When you switch from a personal Instagram account to a corporate profile, you gain access to many features that allow you to improve your engagement with your target users and subscribers. You are not only able to use tools to increase your visibility, but you also have access to tools that allow you to evaluate your marketing strategy on that platform, which allows you to use the tools to increase your visibility. act quickly and change your strategy if necessary.

Still do not want to switch to the company profile? We thought so.


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