People remember you by the stories you tell. It's the way people connect to you, what they find most interesting in your blog posts and what they like to see on Instagram. On Instagram, there are enough photos with new products, and while this does not mean you should not post such photos, you should also post photos that tell a story.

Do not underestimate the power to tell stories, because they are the ones that arouse the feeling. Seth Godin, the author of This Is Marketing, said, "We sell feelings, status and connections, not tasks or things." People remember what you made them feel what you have made feel to someone that they like.

He also said, "When you market a change, you are proposing a new emotional state, a step closer to your client's dreams and desires, not a widget." You offer the new emotional state by sharing an image and giving them words that tell a story that gives them insight into what their future might look like.

Although your subscribers love the pictures of your latest product, they want the story they can tell and tell others. They want the feeling that your product will give them.

Apple, for example, presents elegant images of its products, then creates a story around it. Take their latest ad – the one with Billie Eilish's song "Come and play". This is one of the best ads we have ever seen.

In their animated advertising, they not only show their MacBook Pro (with stickers to make it easier to understand), but they also created a fascinating story. The story is that of a girl who creates all day, but who is always afraid to show her work. At the end of the video, her art was accidentally exposed to the inhabitants of her city and they love what she created. She's happy. In the end, they share a message: "Share your gifts."

It's like watching a little movie and I'll remember it for a long time. Now, the shy creatures of the world will connect and buy an Apple laptop to share their own gifts. They do not buy the laptop, they buy their success.

In Seth's book, he talks about marketing in general, but we take these rules and apply them to Instagram. Seth gives three rules:

  • Watching people
  • Understand what they dream of
  • Create a transaction that can give that feeling

If you're reading this, it's because you want more followers on Instagram. You have probably studied them to know who they follow, what they like, what they engage with, and so on. You have come to know your followers. So, now that you know what they want, give it to them. They love you, but how do you get them to engage, transfer them from Instagram to your website, and earn more followers?

You give the feeling that they want by telling a story with your photos and caption.

How to tell a story with your Instagram posts

You tell a story with your Instagram posts by taking a picture that arouses a feeling. Then you write a legend that brings home the idea of ​​"it could be you" or "this could be your child" or "these could be your students", etc. In addition, the caption indicates where you are finishing: "If you want to buy these products, click on the link in my profile." This is where you give them the action.

Example of photos and captions:

You have launched a new product

El secreto para que tus seguidores de Instagram te recuerdenThe story that Lululemon sells here, according to the image and the legend, is that these outfits give you a fantastic look and allow a faster movement. When you see these outfits, you want them because they look beautiful and you want to be as beautiful as the models, yes, but you also want what you feel. You will feel good and confident, so your workout will look better.

You are promoting a new blog

1561725011 792 El secreto para que tus seguidores de Instagram te recuerdenSade Solomon used this image to show how much she is still moving and ready to emancipate herself. With a coffee in a shop and her big coat, she gets ready to go somewhere. If you look at the legend, she is promoting an article about eight of her must-have apps that all bloggers should have when they're on the go. (She also downloaded it because of a trend – #NationalAppDay, so bonus points!)

Any entrepreneur or busy blogger can relate to this image and the subject, so he will be able to consult his biography to click on the link.

You are trying to sell a comfortable product

1561725012 490 El secreto para que tus seguidores de Instagram te recuerdenIf you read the legend, the saleswoman Zuri_House is promoting her cervical pillows! While she probably posted some pictures of the neck pillows by themselves, she decided to share a picture like this. You can see the story. His little boy is comfortable and his room looks cooler with these pillows. All parents want their child to look as comfortable as he / she has a room they can imagine.

She does not sell the pillow. She sells comfort and possibilities. Any parent would be eager to buy this.

You have just released a new book

1561725012 506 El secreto para que tus seguidores de Instagram te recuerdenThe caption reads: "Our only wish is to cuddle a book while enjoying hot chocolate," and the photo displays a book and a hot chocolate on top. Does not it look warm and comfortable? Now you want to cuddle with a book and a hot drink and you will not even have to think about what to read because there is a recommendation right in front of you. What to do? You buy the book.

Promote a new video

1561725012 2 El secreto para que tus seguidores de Instagram te recuerdenThe best way to promote a video is to share a small excerpt of it. Gary Vaynerchuk does it all the time. He pulls a clip from one of his latest videos and shares a great value that empowers someone, motivates him to feel motivated to move on to action, which is to watch the rest of the video. He tells his story by conveying messages that he knows people want to hear.

Do you see how all this tells a story? They share the feelings and that's what they sell. Not the product. So go.

Tell the stories your followers want to hear (and see).


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