Vertical videos are said to be the future. According to a study, a third of online activity is spent watching videos and more than half of the videos watched online are watched on smartphones. This is why it is not surprising that IGTV launched in June 2018. If you are a start-up entrepreneur or marketer who wants to know how you can start creating and editing vertical videos for IGTV, read on.

Before you start …

Let's get to know IGTV better. The first thing you will notice about this feature is that it is designed to complement the way users hold their smartphones, so that videos fit on the whole screen and play back. vertically. You will also notice that unlike Instagram videos, you can download IGTV videos that are 15 seconds to 10 minutes long, and verified accounts are allowed to download IGTV videos up to 60 minutes long. . The orientation is vertical or portrait, with a minimum aspect ratio of 4: 5 and a maximum aspect ratio of 9:16. The maximum video size is 650MB for videos under 10 minutes and 3.6GB for videos up to 60 minutes long.

Unless you are recording your IGTV video using your smartphone, you might have a hard time getting the right aspect ratio. The aspect ratio is the aspect ratio of the video, which is usually 9:16 if you record your video using your mobile phone while holding it vertically. If you plan to use a DSLR camera to shoot your video for IGTV, you will need to edit or crop your video in post production to achieve the required aspect ratio for IGTV.

How to shoot vertical video for IGTV

There are a few options that you can choose to shoot vertical video for your IGTV channel. You can choose to shoot vertical video using your smartphone, DSLR, or digital camera, or you can also shoot horizontal video and then edit it in post production. . Let's take a closer look at each option:

Votre guide ultime pour creer et editer des videos verticales

Option # 1: shoot vertical video using your smartphone

Most mobile phones have a screen aspect ratio of 16: 9, so the easiest and most convenient way to shoot vertical video for your IGTV channel is to use your smartphone. Simply hold your smartphone vertically as you shoot the video to hit the required 9:16 ratio and you can download it as soon as you finish recording!

Option # 2: shoot vertical video using your camera

Another way to record video for your IGTV channel is by using a DSLR or digital camera. To shoot vertical video instead of horizontal video, rotate your camera 90 degrees. One thing you should note is that most DSLRs have an aspect ratio of 3: 2 and most compact compact digital cameras to aim at have an aspect ratio of 4: 3. , when using your camera, even if you rotate it 90 degrees to output vertical video, you may need to change the aspect ratio after recording so that your video meets the required specifications of ; IGTV.

1606877709 136 Votre guide ultime pour creer et editer des videos verticales

Option 3: Shoot horizontal video then edit it using software

The last option might not be as easy as the first two. This option would involve shooting a horizontal video using your smartphone or camera and then changing the aspect ratio afterwards using software such as Filmora or iMovie. If you choose to shoot a horizontal video you will need to keep in mind that your video will need to be cropped on both sides and making sure your subject is centered throughout the video can be quite difficult. So, why choose to record horizontal videos? Well, according to Mashable Creative Director Jeff Petriello, horizontal shooting results in better quality videos, especially when using a 4K camera.

How to edit vertical video for IGTV

If you'd rather edit your video instead of hiring a professional to do it for you or buying an app like Final Cut Pro, there are several ways you can edit your vertical videos for IGTV. Read on to find out how you can edit your videos on your desktop as well as on your smartphone:

1606877709 587 Votre guide ultime pour creer et editer des videos verticales

Option 1: edit your vertical video on your desktop

If you decide to edit your video using a Mac desktop computer, you will need to download iMovie so that you can start editing your videos. Don't worry, you won't have to pay any fees to download and use this app. Once iMovie is installed on your computer, create a new project and upload your vertical video. Next, rotate your video clip 90 degrees by clicking the crop button and then rotating it left or right. From there, you can now add titles, backgrounds, and other edits to your video. After making the necessary changes, click the export button and save it as a file. To restore the video to its vertical format, open the video in QuickTime, click Edit in the menu bar, and rotate it left or right. If you are using a Windows computer, you can use other applications instead, such as OpenShot, VideoPad, and Movie Maker.

Option # 2: edit your vertical video on your smartphone

If you prefer to use your smartphone to edit your vertical video, your options will depend on your gadget's operating system. If you are an iPhone user, you can download iMovie and use it to edit your video. After downloading the iMovie app, you can now create a project, upload your clip, edit it, and export it to your camera roll. If you have an Android smartphone, you can use similar apps like the Google Photo app and Perfect Video to edit your vertical video.

It's time to upload to IGTV!

Congratulations! You have now successfully recorded and edited your vertical video, and you are now ready to upload it to your IGTV channel. IGTV is a great way to share your videos, engage with your subscribers, and expand your reach of your target niche. We hope you were able to learn the basics of IGTV videos from this guide and enjoy producing them!


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