The benefits of thanking your Instagram followers are almost endless. This not only improves your prospects for working on your business, but also helps maintain the relationship between your business and your subscribers.

These subscribers further strengthen your social presence and your brand authority. Take the time to thank the people who support your brand online. Some share your messages with your friends and family. Some keep the comments section appealing regularly. Some are loyal customers who find your products or services useful.

Think of at least one of those 10 simple ways to thank your Instagram followers and show you to appreciate their commitment:

1. Follow them back

Sometimes you do not need to make an extra effort to say thank you. A simple click on the "follow" button can create and maintain a strong relationship with your subscribers.

Hootsuite is a clear example of this approach. With a subscriber base of 7.5 million, the social media management platform currently tracks an impressive total of 1.5 million users on Twitter.

But you probably can not follow everyone who follows you. (Hootsuite does not.) As a general rule, follow those who "share your content or comment on something you shared".

2. Send them personalized gifts

10 maneras faciles de agradecer a tus seguidores de InstagramNo one likes generic demonstrations of appreciation. If you want to thank your Instagram followers, you can get involved in sending physical gifts to individual members of your Instagram community.

Gifts that they would like and appreciate. These can be anything from key chains to t-shirts, and you certainly do not have to wait until Thanksgiving to show your gratitude.

The key is to add a personalized touch to everything you decide to send. This makes your appreciation sincere, and one step towards that is to include a personalized thank you note for a gift.

3. Give them exclusive offers

Make your subscribers feel special with offers only available to your Instagram community. You can give discounts, coupons, offers and limited time promotions. In addition, you can sell bundles at low prices (rather than individual purchases), add gifts to your products, and more.

Use the Instagram story questions to interview your audience looking for ideas. And do not forget to offer this exclusive offer to your Instagram community so that members feel like an economic offer that falls on their backs.

People generally like to be offered less than the price of the product. That's why exclusive offers guarantee superior sales and also prepare subscribers for more.

4. Share their content

10 maneras faciles de agradecer a tus seguidores de InstagramUser Generated Content (UGC) is particularly relevant for all brands on Instagram. It increases the number of subscribers, the engagement of followers and the brand identity. She also allowed Buffer to increase her Instagram number by about 400%. Airbnb is one of the best feeds on Instagram because it's almost 100% UGC. (And their bio proudly says, "Share your stories with @Airbnb.")

People trust UGCs more than traditional ads, because that's precisely what they want to see: content generated by real users like them. You keep the best content on the web and share it with your social audience.

A simple reminder of their photo or video (or sharing with your stories) can help you immensely to cherish your customers, but that should not stop there. For example, you can share blog posts promoting your brand.

Whatever content you choose to share again, learn to thank the original creator, as this is the only way to thank for creating it.

5. S engage with them genuinely

Two takeaway dishes. The conversations are more authentic. Relentless self-promotion is not a valid way to develop trusting relationships with your customers.

Instead, take the time to have real and occasional interactions with your followers. Leave a comment on their posts and add hilarious GIFs to make them laugh. Simple interactions like this will drive up engagement rates and make your content appear on the wire of more users.

6. Thank publicly

Public appreciation not only ensures that the valued employee feels exceptional, but also contributes to a positive perception of your brand. This is at least a good impression, and Instagram itself adheres to this practice.

An article about the followers you want to thank and why you recognize them will do the trick. Mark them. Share them to stories. Whatever you do, do not forget that people like to be recognized in public, so make sure it counts.

7. Announce them periodically

Many companies and brands use this recurring approach to reward people who are part of their community. Every week or every month, you announce a specific subscriber and explain why: his comments are so great, you find his content interesting, and so on.

You can also circulate their names by asking other followers to follow them. Add a note explaining why others should do it.

8. Celebrate their special moments

1560578409 171 10 maneras faciles de agradecer a tus seguidores de InstagramIf you happen to know the special moments (that is, significant days and events) in the lives of your subscribers, you can celebrate those moments with them to show that they count. Birthdays, weddings, deliveries, graduation, promotions, and the list goes on and on.

You can republish their content to highlight their special day or pass and leave a comment on their message.

9. Present them

It works best if you use a blog, but you can of course have followers on all media, even on your Instagram page.

You can highlight some subscribers and ask them to share their experiences with your products or services. You essentially give them a platform to spread their knowledge and draw more attention to themselves. At the same time, these content elements can generate leads, leads, customers and sales for your brand.

Alternatively, you can write a blog post about something extraordinary that a follower has done. Try to share this on your social networks to make it more comforting.

10. Listen to them and react

1560578409 287 10 maneras faciles de agradecer a tus seguidores de InstagramListening is an art that greatly improves the client's understanding. Listen to their comments, opinions, ideas, perceptions, pain points, etc.

Do not listen but react too. If a disciple asks a question, take the time to give him the best answer and give him props to discuss an interesting problem. You can also ask questions to fans, and then cover their solutions in your blog posts.

Listen to them carefully and you will increase how satisfied they are with your products and services. Social proof installs at this point because they start sharing your offer with your friends and family simply because they've verified their importance.

Customer loyalty is not limited to offering the best product or service on the market. It's about maintaining the relationship between your brand and your followers strong, active and human.

Are there any active subscribers you would like to hire for their presence in the development of your business? Or do you want to show your appreciation for reaching a milestone on Instagram?

With any of the 10 ideas mentioned above, you can show your appreciation in a simple and yet distinctive way. The opportunity to say thank you can simply come forward, though. Learn to recognize these opportunities and show your appreciation with spontaneous gestures, such as a simple thank you message.

One last thing, do it as you hear it. Be sincerely grateful when you thank your Instagram followers. Cheers!


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