Visual content is king in the era of mobility. But as it's a competitive world, you do not want to engage prospects with photos and videos that smell of bad quality.

To achieve your marketing goals on Instagram, you need to understand how high quality content can drive more customer engagement. This, I believe, you already know.

Today 's discussion is about graphic design tools – nine of them. These tools are useful when you want to edit photos. You can not only edit images, but also create custom images and infographics for your Instagram page.

Such visual images are likely to attract more followers, customers and even business partners, which generates more sales and revenue.

Ready to create high quality graphics that attract attention? Let's go.

9 tools to produce killer content for your Instagram page in 2019

9 herramientas de diseno grafico para crear contenido de Instagram

1. Canvas

Canva offers integrated templates and layouts that you can use for your text-based photos, inspiring messages, and more. It is considered one of the main graphic design tools on the Internet, mainly thanks to its user-friendly interface.

You can apply tons of predefined filters to bring your photos to life. Its process of creating infographics is robust, thanks to the drag-and-drop function. Canva makes graphic design a piece of cake because it is designed to suit anyone with little or no experience.

This design platform offers free and premium plans to access their photos, icons, artwork, layouts, shapes, elements, templates, vectors, fonts and other design tools.

2. Pablo by Buffer

Pablo is a proven design tool that helps companies create engaging, social-friendly photos. This free online tool comes with several templates, filters and over 25 unique fonts.

And since it is powered by the popular Buffer social media management platform, you can be sure that this tool is specially created for businesses and marketing teams to create beautiful, social media-friendly images.

Note: Pablo only works on tablets and desktops.

3. Skitch by Evernote

People from Evernote, we have Skitch. A screen capture and markup tool for iOS and Mac. This unique software combines the functions of a screen capture tool with those of an image editor.

It supports many formats, including PDF and BMP. As for the Skitch editor, it's more than enough to create stunning graphics that your followers will love.

Easily add text to your photos. Highlight particular parts of an image. In addition, you will not want to miss its advanced capture modes.


9 graphic design tools to create high quality Instagram content GIFs are everywhere.

From marketing e-mails to customer service comments, GIFs easily attract the attention of Internet users, which increases their commitment. They are fun to watch and say so much about your brand.

With Giphy, you can engage your followers using different GIFs. However, there is a trick to using GIF on Instagram, for which Giphy offers a one-click solution.

Find out how to share GIFs on Instagram using the Giphy website or application.

5. PiktoChart

Infographics. Graphical presentations. Reports. Flyers

All of these and more can be created with PiktoChart. This web-based tool is designed to help professionals without design experience create beautiful visual content for their business.

PiktoChart claims to have "a model for all your needs". Although I can not attest, the more than 600 available templates make it easy to create an infographic, presentation or print.

In addition, PiktoChart for Team is a unique feature that simplifies team collaboration so you can work effortlessly with other team members. This feature is especially useful for businesses and agencies with diverse graphic design needs.

6. Easel

Meet one of the best computer graphics companies in the world.

First, many industries consider infographics to be the best way to convey information to a wide audience. allows you to view information of all kinds. That means you can transform complex, boring information into compelling images that your audience will understand and appreciate.

This tool comes with several objects, shapes, icons and templates, as well as a drag-and-drop tool that can shape your computer graphics creation game.

7. compresses and optimizes images. You can also save the original content for future editions even after you have "written" them. Learn more about optimizing images for Instagram.

8. more

The Over app claims to be a branding application for creating logos, flyers, posters and everything in between. Add it to your Instagram content creation kit to impress your subscribers in an instant.

You can add text and illustrations to your photos. It offers a wide variety of graphics, colors, fonts and text sizes that are sure to grab the attention of your audience at first glance.

One last thing, Over allows you to schedule publications from the application.

9. Fuzzy backgrounds

With Blurgrounds, you can add an extra layer of style and color to your images. It comes with 200 blurry backgrounds in an abstract way, giving your photos a perfectly blurry feel.

9 tips for engaging with quality content

1561019409 190 9 herramientas de diseno grafico para crear contenido de Instagram1. Before moving on to the content creation phase, take the time to understand your audience. Put their demographic and psychographic data into consideration. Find out why, how and when they use Instagram and capitalize on your results.

2. Use an effective Instagram marketing strategy. The strategy should also include a theme / content template for your brand, products and services, and the culture of your business.

3. Be visually coherent. Visual consistency is often overlooked, but it remains an essential part of any Instagram marketing strategy. If you have a signature tone, upload photos and use filters that display these colors.

4. The frequency of display is even more crucial now that the organic reach continues to decrease. This refers to your marketing strategy; it determines how often you have to post to Instagram. Some IG pages have more than 30 publications a day and their audience seems to like it. Some, however, should avoid posting too often to avoid being spammed or boring. It all depends on your audience and your strategy.

5. You can never go wrong with hashtags. Use popular hashtags and trends, and incorporate one or more branded hashtags.

6. On Instagram, captions are the next authority on visual content – the main factor. Since they reveal your personality to the public and encourage followers to act, use winning subtitles that prospects and customers will find interesting.

7. Learn from your competitors. If a form of visual imagery (computer graphics, for example) generates the most commitment, it's time to join it.

8. To enjoy the benefits of quality content, use Call-to-Action keller to entice your prospects and customers to take action.

9. Use Instagram stories; it opens up a whole new world of opportunities.

In addition to generating interest among your customers, quality content can contribute to the growth of your social presence.

The tools and tips mentioned above would help you save money because the skills of a professional graphic designer might not be necessary. Spend less time searching for graphics and more time creating your designs.



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