Posting on Instagram can be a problem because it's easy to miss ideas. You want to continue to download and share content with your subscribers, but you feel that you have already posted too many similar photos. And if your followers are bored? No need to worry, we are here for you.

Short of Instagram post ideas? Here are 21 things you can post!

1. Make your own memes

¿Corto de Instagram publicar ideas Aqui hay 21 cosas queMemes are extremely popular right now. Although you do not have to create your own memory, you can create one yourself. For example, if you look at the picture above, Gary Vaynerchuk has turned into a Pokemon card. If that sounds ridiculous, remember that Gary is a professional businessman, but he knows that's what his followers love.

2. The eddies

As a professional brand, you may want to share a photo of your five years and your missing tooth, but people love this type of photo. Your followers adore you and would like your childhood to be enlightened.

3. Unique photos of your products

1559520016 19 ¿Corto de Instagram publicar ideas Aqui hay 21 cosas queEveryone publishes simple images of their products (as in, just their product in front of a colorful background), but be creative! Organize your articles in a way that stands out. For example, if you sell mugs, do not just take a picture of the mug. Take a picture of your friend diving an Oreo in it.

4. Videos where you share tips

Instead of downloading another photo, what happens if you download a sixty-second video in which you give your followers valuable and free advice? They would like to see you and hear you speak after so many photos.

5. Other content on social networks

If you do not want to create content, you can easily access another social media platform, such as Twitter, take a snapshot of your tweet, and then share it on Instagram. (This is also a way to promote your other social media!)

6. Pictures of your daily life

What are you doing today? Do you work in a café, do you stay with friends or even in bed while reading a book? You can take pictures of you doing these things (of course), and download them!

7. inspirational quotes

1559520016 974 ¿Corto de Instagram publicar ideas Aqui hay 21 cosas que

Images with inspirational quotes are very popular. Although you may be hesitant, they must not be nerdy. They do not even have to be from anyone else, they can be yours. If you use a nice typography, you will stand out.

8. "Insignificant" things

Your followers are interested in a lot of things you do. So, share them all! Take pictures of what you have at breakfast every morning, what you have in your bag or the new print on the wall of your room.

9. Tutorials

If you are able to do a little tutorial, you can download short clips on instagram to show your subscribers how to do it. For example, you can do a quick drawing if you are an artist.

10. food

Despite the number of times people share photos of their food, they are still popular. The images must of course be "aesthetic," but even if you eat pizza at home, add your open iPad to Netflix next, and you have fifty "I like".

11. Your office / office

1559520017 598 ¿Corto de Instagram publicar ideas Aqui hay 21 cosas que

Everyone is obsessed with productivity and workspaces. Your subscribers would like to see your desktop / desktop configuration. Capture your laptop, the clutter of sticky notes and scattered pens. Clean it or not, people will love it anyway.

12. resources

What do you use to host your blog, paint your pictures, or promote your business? Take a picture of the resources you use, such as the machine you use to make t-shirts or the brand of markers you use, and share it.

13. Republish the content you like

Again, if you do not want to create content, you can also republish photos that you like and that you know your subscribers would like too. You can do it with any restt application. Do not do it to the point of losing your own content!

14. Content generated by the user

1559520017 739 ¿Corto de Instagram publicar ideas Aqui hay 21 cosas que

You probably have customers who have sent you pictures of the products they bought you. Whether they hang your motive or that they are wearing your cap, you can republish these pictures.

15. Sneak Peeks

If you have new products to come, share a taste. You can save some angle of your new ceramic or share the image of a page of your new freebie. It's a great way to promote your products and create excitement.

16. Have a Q & A session

If you wish, you can organize a Q & A session every week, every two weeks or whenever you are free! Post a photo saying "Q & A: Ask me anything!" Let people ask you questions in the comments and answer as much as you can.

17. Countdown

1559520017 507 ¿Corto de Instagram publicar ideas Aqui hay 21 cosas que

Again, if you have an upcoming launch, do a countdown on Instagram. Every day, post a photo of the number of days left before the publication of your product or your new website. This is another smart way to create excitement.

18. What are you reading?

Post photos of the books you read. Or, each time you finish a book, take a picture and leave a short comment in the caption.

19. Make your own gifs

Do something stupid in front of the camera or take something in your YouTube videos and turn it into a fun gif. Marie Forleo is a genius to create gifs and share them with her subscribers to her mailing list.

20. funny pictures (you create)

1559520017 382 ¿Corto de Instagram publicar ideas Aqui hay 21 cosas que

Get creative with your products or do something funny. For example, Sue B. Zimmerman in the photo above received a cup with a fun and inspiring saying, took a picture with her and uploaded it! This earned him more than four hundred tastes.

21. host gifts

Gifts can give you three or four days of content. You announce the gift, promote it and share images of the items you are going to offer. Gifts are also a fantastic way to gain followers.

Here. Twenty-one Instagram ideas for Instagram posts the next time you feel stuck!


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